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Planning Team

We create a safe & sophisticated environment for you to thrive. We hope you will feel confident contacting a member of our team with your questions, concerns, or requests. We provide exceptional client service and will respond to your inquiry promptly.


Daniel Ryan Lagerborg CAP®

Founder and Financial Planning Specialist

Alan M Kubicki CFP®

Partner and Private Wealth Advisor

Andy Groeger CFP®

Private Wealth Advisor

Ashley Marie Charles CFP®, RICP®

Private Wealth Advisor

Patrick Kline CFP®, RICP®, WMCP®

Private Wealth Advisor

Whittney RoJo

Financial Planning Coordinator

Paul M. Keebler

Financial Advisor

Client Experience

Nathan David Jones

Partner and Director of Investments

Ryan Spor

Investment Operations

Rachel Lynn Hamilton

Service Coordinator

Keri Ortega

Insurance Coordinator

Telsche Crandall RICP®

Service Coordinator

Internal Operations

Erica L Webber

Director of Strategic Development

Sarah Kristen Rodriguez CLF®


Elsa Guadalupe Gonzalez

Executive Assistant